AnaEE (Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems) will pave the way for understanding the complex impact of today’s multiple, interacting global change drivers on terrestrial and aquatic continental ecosystems across Europe.


It will forge evidence-based adaptation and mitigation strategies that assure plant, soil, water, biodiversity and ecosystem health today and in the future. Those strategies are needed to maintain essential services to society, including carbon sequestration, food security, clean water, biodiversity. Characteristic to AnaEE its versatile facilities that can simulate environmental drivers from land-use change, pollution, biological invasions, rising atmospheric greenhouse gases concentrations, and to increasing extreme events such as droughts and heatwaves. AnaEE has the potential to look into the future, thanks to the integrative and coordinated usage of its experimental, analytical and modelling facilities. AnaEE will link its facilities with an array of user communities, including scientists, land managers, the bio-economy industry and policy makers, with the goal to minimize human environmental impact and maximize societal benefits in a dynamic world.

The specificity of AnaEE is to integrate, in a single, distributed, RI, all the steps of the scientific experimental methods, modelling and experimentation. This original approach leads to advances in understanding. Also, new management methods, or extreme events such as the introduction of a pest species can be tested, as well as the effect of regulations, before they come in effect publicly. This will rise the citizen awareness and confidence in new policies, or industry.

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Last Modified: 16.02.2023