Climate change as driver of soil phenology

Partners: UHASSELT (Lead), AMU/CNRS


Ecotones of the Hasselt University

The key objectives of the UC is to assess temporal dynamics of soil biota and biochemical cycles (fluxes of carbon, nutrients, water), and impacts of climate change on soil processes by utilizing a network of experimental ecosystems allowing climate simulation.

Expected results

  • The UC will aim at addressing the connections between microbial community dynamics and biogeochemical cycles. Time series of soil biogeochemical measurements and community dynamics will be performed at experimental plot level.

  • The acquired data will be used for analysis of relationships between soil community dynamics and carbon and nutrient cycles.

  • Modelling approaches based on multivariate analysis (WP2,5).

The expected services

  • Reference data sets that can be used for AI training will be provided to the community as a RI services (by AnaEE).
  • Data sets will be available for further studies, metanalyses etc through the services provided by AnaEE.
  • The models will be available to the community as open source models available on github.

Last Modified: 21.05.2024